The Renewable Heating Incentive scheme now open to all ‘legacy’ customers

Orange RHIWho can apply?

Customers who had already installed an eligible renewable heating system and applied for their RHPP voucher after 20th May 2013, have previously been unable to submit an application to claim the Renewable Heat Incentive. However this is due to change in the next few days.

Applications for all ‘legacy’ customers open on 9th October 2014 and you will have 6 months to submit your application. The closing date for applications is 8th April 2015 as all applications need to be made within the year of the original scheme launch.

Can I still apply for the RHI if I have already received a RHPP grant?

Yes you can. But any previous Renewable Heating Premium Payment (RHPP) will be deducted from the total RHI amount you’re entitled to. We think the Government’s rationale for doing this is to make the scheme fair for all.

What action should I take now, to prepare for an RHI claim?

There are two things you need to do before you apply:

The first is, you will need to have a Green Deal Assessment (GDA) completed (An exception to this rule is self-builders. If your new property has been built to current building regulations, your Energy Performance Certificate will suffice.)

A GDA is a requirement of your RHI claim. It’s proof that your property is well insulated and shows the building’s energy requirements.

To make an RHI claim, your property must have at least 250mm of loft insulation, and cavity wall insulation if possible (solid wall properties, for example, can’t have cavity wall insulation!)

To obtain a robust GDA, we recommend booking an Independent Assessor – Lesley Ann Simkins. A fully qualified Domestic Energy Assessor and Green Deal Advisor.

R A Brown is not associated with Lesley in any way, but we know her to be an expert when it comes to renewable systems, which is clearly important.

To book your assessment, or find out more, contact her on 07748 486990 or 01362 668171 email or visit her website

Other Green Deal Assessors can be found here

The second thing you will also need to know, is what the efficiency of your system is?

The governments default Seasonal Performance Factor (SPF) is 2.5. This figure shows how efficient your radiators or underfloor heating is, the calculations look at heat loss, room size and output of the heat emitters. The more accurately sized the heat emitters the higher the SPF – as the heating will be as energy efficient as possible.

Please see the article on our website about re-calculation for our legacy customers.

Re-calculations for legacy customers

How do I make a claim?

To find out more about how to make a claim, please follow the link provided as all the information is available on the OFGEM website.

How to make a claim

The Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive essential guide to applicants is a must read for anyone intending or considering applying for the incentive as it covers the joining instructions, what you need to do before you apply, the application process and the rules you must adhere to if your heating system is to be approved.

Domestic RHI Essential Guide

We hope this information will prove helpful with your application.
Don’t forget all ‘legacy’ applications must be completed by 8th April 2015 – don’t miss out!

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