The Renewable Heat Incentive will stay unchanged for another year

The Renewable Heat Incentive has been a catalyst for people investing in renewable energy products. Chancellor George Osbourne announced plans to cut the funding for the scheme by £700 million in his autumn spending review last year.  The RHI remains an important part of encouraging homeowners to consider renewable heating and therefore it is important this continues to help us achieve the EU carbon reduction targets.

The scheme will continue to run until at least the end of this parliament in 2020 and the budget remains a substantial £1.5 billion, even taking into account the cutbacks being made.

The DECC have stated “OFGEM will continue to run the RHI, under the current rules during the budget year 2016/17 while we consider reform of the scheme”

This provides more certainty to those who are planning projects which will be completed after April 2016.

Heat pumps remain relatively unknown to many people and therefore it is important to speak to a reputable installer who is experienced with heat pump installations who can clearly explain the advantages and describe in layman’s terms the quality of the systems available.

At R A Brown we recognise that switching to a renewable heating system is a big decision and a step into an unfamiliar area for most customers. Our aim is to provide the information that the customer needs on the products that are suitable for the property and their lifestyle.

We offer a site visit, Showroom appointments, forms for self-surveying, if appropriate. An initial estimate with viable options listed using generic information can be provided all free of charge.

If you are interested in finding out more about renewable heating contact R A Brown on 01603 898904 to discuss your plans or arrange a visit to our renewable heating showroom.

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