The Clean Growth Strategy – a step in the right direction

The Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy published the Clean Growth Strategy in October, we are really pleased to see the clear recognition that there needs to be a plan to move away from dirty fossil fuel to green energy.

It shows the government’s commitment to addressing the issues around climate change and high carbon fossil fuels, with the Prime Minister stating “clean growth is not an option but a duty”

The Clean Growth Strategy will initially focus on phasing out the installation of high carbon fuels in homes off the gas grid during the 2020’s. East Anglia has over 20% of properties who do not have access to mains gas and heat their homes with other means such as oil. The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) is significant in helping off grid home owners install a cleaner, renewable heating option rather than replacing their current fossil fuel system. Current figures show that at least 40% of the applications to the domestic RHI are displacing fossil fuels and therefore this incentive is significant to the implementation of the Clean Growth Strategy.

The RHI has funding secured until 2021 and therefore the government will need new policies to support the decarbonisation of homes to be able to achieve their Clean Growth Strategy goals.

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Full details of the Clean Growth Strategy are found on the government website.


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