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With 30 years’ experience, R A Brown can offer underfloor heating on its own or as part of a complete service – which includes:

  • Full professional in-house design
  • Specification of all the products you require
  • Supply of high-quality products
  • Installation by our experienced team

It is important to remember that different solutions work best for each project, our staff will advise you. We also design and supply radiator systems and combined systems.

In our opinion the following types of project suit underfloor heating (UFH) perfectly:

  • Almost all new build houses and many commercial projects
  • Extensive renovations such as barn conversions
  • Extensions where it is possible to connect onto the boiler’s primary pipework

How underfloor heating saves you money:

Whether your hot water underfloor heating system is attached to a boiler or a heat pump it is an efficient heat emitter. The lower water temperature required by UFH reduces running costs and is more energy efficient, modern self- modulating condensing boiler can work at its best with underfloor heating. The return flow temperatures from the UFH are low which enables the boiler to stay in condensing mode – this can’t happen with radiators as the return temperatures are much higher. In percentage terms your modern condensing boiler would be expected to work 15% more efficiently with underfloor heating compared to a traditional radiator system.

Frequently asked questions about Underfloor Heating

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Can I install underfloor heating myself?

Some customers do. We do work with builders and self-builders and will provide a design and supply service. One of the comments that we frequently receive about our amazing installation team is how much underfloor heating they can lay in a day. By the time you have surveyed the design plan, scratched your head, had a cup of tea, half of your ground floor could be covered in pipes! You will find working with us that we are flexible and supportive, but we will be realistic with you.

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What is the difference between hot water UFH systems and electric UFH?

Hot water underfloor heating means pipes run across the floor attached to a manifold and a boiler or heat pump, electric underfloor heating relies on cables and electricity as the heat source.

Electric underfloor heating provides space heating and works from a direct electrical input and the running costs are much greater than that of a wet underfloor heating system.

We do not directly install or supply electric underfloor heating. We can provide this service through our electrical subcontractors. We specialise in renewable heating options which work most effectively with wet underfloor heating systems.

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How much does underfloor heating cost to install?

The cost of an Underfloor Heating installation and the price compared with radiators varies from project to project. It is most cost effective to install in a new build project – it is quick to lay and is usually embedded in a screed floor on the ground floor. There are different price options for the screed, a basic sand and cement or a more sophisticated poured screed which conducts the heat more effectively.

There are different options for joists and floorboards with extra equipment such as grooved diffuser plates being required that adds to the cost.

One of the most expensive options is if a retrofit underfloor system requires pre-grooved boards that are low profile and enable floor finishes to be laid directly on top. To put UFH into just 1 or 2 rooms, in an extension for example, could cost between £2000 –

As we provide a full design service in-house, we can provide estimates for the different options that you want to consider depending on your budget and your project.

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Can I have underfloor heating even if I don’t have a renewable heating system?

Yes, UFH can work well with both conventional and renewable heating systems, so you don’t have to change your heating system to have underfloor heating fitted in your home. You can also combine both UFH and radiators within the same system.

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Do I need UFH room stats in every room?

Underfloor heating is zoned as there are optimal lengths of ‘pipe run’. You may have more than one
‘loop’ of pipe in a large room. It is not necessary to have a room thermostat in every area or complex
zoning devices in addition to manifolds.

It is possible to turn the heating down in some areas of the house – such as bedrooms for example.
It is not a good idea to shut off rooms and turn the heating on and off on a regular basis in different
sections of the house.

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What are UFH zones?

UFH is laid out in zones that can be controlled separately. For example, each bedroom may want to be a different temperature to the others so they are zoned so that they can be controlled individually.

We only use the best industry leading products

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We are very pleased with the Underfloor Heating. Having a constantly warm house is ideal. We would recommend anyone considering these improvements to proceed with an installation because of the long term financial benefits and constant internal temperature comfort

Mr B, UFH Norfolk

“We have been delighted with the service we have had from R A Brown. They are extremely knowledgeable and the work is of the highest professional standard. The engineers are all very considerate, working hard and also making as least mess possible and they do a fantastic cleaning job when they are finished. We would highly recommend R A Brown”

Mrs H, GSHP Norfolk

“The installers were outstanding, great at communicating, helpful and thoughtful in their work.  They were with us for 2 weeks and considered our needs living there whilst doing their work. I highly recommend R A Brown”

Mrs H, UFH Norfolk

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