Air Source Heat Pumps in Norfolk

Save up to £1,400 per year in fuel costs*.
An Air Source Heat Pump not only saves you money – it also saves the environment.

– If you are tired of ever-increasing fuel costs and worrying about the size of your next energy bill, you aren’t alone. However, you can reduce your bills significantly by upgrading to a highly efficient heating system.

Think of an Air Source Heat Pump as a household refrigerator running in reverse. Instead of extracting hot air to cool, it converts the cooler air from outside your home into the energy to heat the hot water for your central heating system.

A renewable heating alternative, an Air Source Heat Pump is far more energy efficient compared to conventional oil, gas or electric systems – resulting in significant cost savings for your household.

On average, an Air Source Heat Pump is 300% more efficient than a conventional boiler**.

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A seamless service from quotation to installation. The team were polite, neat and tidy worked very hard and efficiently. I have no hesitation in recommending R A Brown in the future.

Mr Slade,Norfolk.

  • Future proof your heating – Significantly reduce your energy bills, long-term.
    • Enjoy the peace of mind of low running costs – The pump only uses a fraction of the energy your previous system used, on average, it will use only ¼ of the power of conventional systems.
    • Remove the impact of oil price fluctuations, future-proofing your energy spend. term.
    • Our renewable energy experts ensure you know how to get the best from your system, maximising cost savings.
  • Greater energy efficiency
    • Increase the EPC rating for your home; not only saving you money but also adding value to your property.
  • Receive a financial incentive when you change to a renewable system – from the Government’s Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive. (Domestic RHI).
    • Receive quarterly payments for 7 years – Up to £11,500 payback is available for Air Source Heat Pump customers
  • Long lifetime and low maintenance costs
    • Exterior pump lifespan – up to 20 years.
    • An Air Source Heat Pump can last up to 2 x longer than a conventional boiler.
  • Reduce carbon emissions & help combat climate change
    • Reduce your use of fossil fuels.
    • Generate 3 x the amount of energy used – For every 1kw of electric you use to power the Air Source Heat Pump, you generate 3kW of energy to heat your home.
    • If electric energy is from a renewable source, the pump will be carbon neutral with zero emissions.
  • Delivers consistent, reliable heat at a lower temperature.
  • Produces heat at low outside temperatures; -19 degrees.
  • No need to store fuels; no need for large exterior oil tanks.
  • Can be retro-fitted in your home with simple upgrades to your existing radiators or underfloor heating system.

Save up to £1,400 per year in fuel costs & reduce CO2 emissions by 7,100kg per year.*

What Our Customers Say...

Work conducted and completed to my complete satisfaction. Excellent workmen.

Rev. JanikerNorfolk

An Air Source Heat Pump delivers significant annual savings. This will depend on which conventional system you are moving from; switching from electric sees the highest financial saving, closely followed by oil. It is an effective alternative if in rural locations where there is no mains gas.

In addition, you will receive quarterly income from the Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive payments; up to £1,400 per year*, up to a total £9,800 over 7 years’. And of course, you will also be saving on your monthly fuel costs too. 

ASHP’s generate 66% renewable energy from an energy input of just 33%

(Used to power the pump itself).

How do Air Source Heat Pumps work?

Air Source Heat Pumps are one of the most energy efficient, cost-effective, environmentally friendly technologies providing water and heating; but how do they work?

Powered by electricity, an internal fan pulls in outside air at the ambient temperature. The pump compresses the heat within the air – this is used to heat hot water. It is then distributed in much the same way as a conventional boiler. Heat is sent to the radiators, underfloor heating or hot water cylinder so it is ready whenever it is needed.

ASHP Chalet Bungalow Case Study

ASHP Barn Conversion Case Study

Delivering energy efficient renewable heating systems across Norfolk since 2007.

Your home is unique and so is your installation. Independent and impartial, we are not tied to any specific manufacturer and we will only fit systems we would have in our own homes. We pride ourselves on good old fashioned customer service, providing effective, cost-saving heating systems at an affordable cost.

You can trust that our knowledgeable renewables team will deliver a personal service, the very best advice and system for your specific requirements, helping you get the best return on your investment. Our specialist installation team undertake a full property assessment, ensuring your Air Source Heat Pump is appropriately sized to maximise its efficiency.

We promise not to baffle you with technical jargon, we simplify your choices and as we are MCS accredited, our team are highly knowledgeable. On hand to guide you through your Renewable Heat Incentive application paperwork, we make sure you get the most from the scheme.

Air Source Heat Pumps are not only for new builds and barn or property renovations, we specialise in Retrofit renewable heating systems throughout Norfolk.

Whether you are looking to upgrade your boiler, live somewhere without mains gas or are looking specifically for a more environmentally friendly option, our experienced specialists guide you through the entire process; and we’re always on hand with our after-care service.

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*Source: OFGEM. December 2019.
** Estimated savings based on average consumption. Calculate your homes cost saving using OFGEM’s online calculator.

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