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We have been working very hard in the office at R A Brown over the winter towards our Micro-generation Certification Scheme Accreditation and passed our Assessment visit with flying colours on 1st of April. It has taken until well into May for the NICEIC to give us the MCS kite mark to use (hence the late announcement). Unfortunately we’ve no sooner gained the MCS than the new Government has instantly suspended the Grants for heat pumps etc. We are still hopeful but being realistic about the introduction of the Renewable Heating Incentive Scheme in April next year. This scheme will make heat pumps, solar thermal etc. more cost effective by paying a tariff back to the homeowner for the carbon emissions reduced by use of these renewable energy systems. At R A Brown we plan to keep you updated when the actual details of the RHIs are available.

There is quite a lot of other news to report. Our Supplier has changed the source of our Underfloor heating materials. We now use high quality Italian products from Valsir. Their website changes to English at the click of a flag, so have a look at We are the first company in the country to use some of Valsir’s more innovative products that mean the bore of the pex-al pipe is not reduced if fittings are used giving better flow rates and reducing system noise.

We are expanding our staff team and have recently recruited a new Gas Engineer, James and a new apprentice, Luke. We hope they will both enjoy long and fulfilling careers with R A Brown Heating Services.

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