R A Brown ‘How to’ videos

We have started to develop a series of ‘how to’ videos to help our customers if they need to adjust the settings on their NIBE air source heat pump.

These are the current video’s which are available on the R A Brown YouTube channel 

NIBE SMO20 Controller

  1.  How the heat curve works
  2.  How to adjust the heating/temperature
  3.  How to adjust your heat pump to holiday mode
  4.  How to change the hot water settings
  5.  How to change the overnight schedule
  6.  How to change the date and time


  1.  How to adjust the heating/temperature
  2. How to check your energy usage

We plan to continue to add to our library, so if there is anything you would particularly like to put forward as a suggestion, drop us a message on the contact form to let us know.






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