R A Brown awarded Norwich For Jobs Silver Award

R A Brown Heating Services are really pleased to have been awarded the Norwich For Jobs Silver Award.

Norwich For Jobs was launched in January 2013.  With an initial goal of reducing unemployment from 2000 to 1000 people unemployed in Norwich.  Norwich For Jobs encourage’s employers to offer jobs and good economic opportunities for young people in Norwich.  The initial goal was exceeded and within 2 years young people aged 18-24 claiming Employment and Support Allowance and Income Support had reduced from 2000 to 675, helping realise their goals and achieving their full potential.

Since January 2015, Norwich For Jobs aim is to help ‘change 100 lives’ a year. 

Louise Howlett, Commercial Director at R A Brown Heating Services said “We think that employers that don’t think investing in young people is worthwhile are being short sighted – we can’t complain if the skills we need aren’t out there if we’re not prepared to train young people in those areas. This fits with the ethos of Norwich for Jobs.

As a business we also like to give something back to the community, as we recruit young people we also have knowledge to pass onto young people about what employer are looking for in terms of CVs, presentation and interview skills we are more than happy to go to the job centre to pass on tips and ideas directly to young people or provide opportunities for work tasters.

I think it is so difficult for young people to get ideas about what they want to do if they have no contact with workplaces. After one session at the job centre we provided a young man with a taster day as a ‘plumber’ it helped him decide that perhaps that wasn’t what he wanted to do! It sound negative but it’s valuable to find that out before you spend time working on a foundation course at City College.

My advice to young people is really look at what you are good at and what you love doing and try to get some work experience in a company that has jobs where you can pursue your dreams.

Another tip I give to unemployed young people is go out and get any kind of job to get into the routine of getting up for work and increase your confidence – working in a Supermarket or a fast food restaurant might not seem like a career move but – it’s a start in the working world.

Some young people have big barriers to getting a job and as an small employer we can’t help every person with every challenge but it is satisfying if you can provide some advice to help someone move in the right direction – that is why we support Norwich for Jobs

How can employers help?

Norwich For Jobs is asking employers across Norwich to help them achieve their goals by offering work experience placements to young people. Employers can contribute to helping them ‘change 100 lives’ by taking part in mock interviews and mentoring.

Employers who are interested in pledging their support for Norwich For Jobs, can do so on the Norwich For Jobs website here.

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