R A Brown amongst NIBE’s top 3 UK installers

As the year draws to a close our most long standing supplier NIBE have told us we’re their 2nd or 3rd biggest installer in the UK. We know we’ve had a very successful year selling heat pump systems and were surpised to hear that generally sales of ground source heat pumps have been slow – not amongst our forward thinking customers in Norfolk though.

December has been very busy so far in the office as well as for the installation teams. R A Brown has responded to the final DECC consultation – all 116 pages of it. We have also¬†been applying for next year’s H & V News awards.

We will be open between Christmas and the New Year on the 27th and 28th December and also open again from 2nd January 2013.

R A Brown has some large projects lined up in first few months of 2013.

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