Case Study

Thatched Cottage, ASHP, Hickling

Mr G contacted us as he was making improvements to his beautiful 300 year old Thatched Cottage next to Hickling Broad.  The property ‘Watersedge’ is a family holiday home and also let to holiday makers in this Conservation Area in Norfolk.

The property had no existing heating system and only a small hot water cylinder of around 100 litres, which wasn’t large enough to service the occupant’s needs.  The cottage was previously heated through open fires and electric bar heaters.

Mr G was familiar with heat pumps as he had been involved with a rowing club which had previously installed a NIBE Ground Source Heat Pump.  He therefore wished to consider renewable energy to heat his property.

A Ground Source heat pump was not an option in this case as there was insufficient land to install a Ground collector and bore holes were too expensive for the renovation budget.  Therefore a NIBE 12kw F2040 Air Source Heat Pump with a NIBE Titanium Megacoil 300 hot water cylinder was recommended.

Mr G said “I considered LPG and Oil which were cheaper to install but in the long run they worked out more costly.  Renewable heating was the only viable option and the payments through the Renewable Heat Incentive also made it attractive”

NIBE uplink facility was also utilised, this enables Mr G to remotely control and adjust the heat settings via the internet, from his home in Staffordshire. This facility provides him with operating efficiency and complete flexibility between holiday lets if necessary, when the property is un-occupied.

With the NIBE uplink you can monitor and control the heating and hot water, no matter where you are.  You can see a quick overview and present status of the heat pump and the heating in your property.  If your system is affected by an operational disturbance, you receive an alert via email which allows you to react quickly.

Due to the age of the building there was no existing heating pipe work.  All pipework had to be surface mounted to supply new radiators to each room.  There was some difficulty with the pipework installation due to the construction of the walls which included 16 inches of flint, red brick, clay lump and wattle & daub.  Mr G said “We had a challenge with the wall construction but we talked through any problems and worked out solutions, so I was pleased we managed to overcome any challenges”

Mr G also upgraded the windows and added external cladding to the outside of the property on three sides.  In addition to the building having a thatched roof all these improvements have reduced the heat losses of the building.

“I am really pleased with the heat pump system, it has proved its worth.  We had to learn to use the system and the guys at R A Brown have been very helpful.  I call them and talk through any queries or questions, which they have taken the time to help us with to ensure the system is working efficiently”

Watersedge is now providing a warm respite for those enjoying an active holiday on the Norfolk Broads and surrounding countryside.

R A Brown are proud to say that ‘Watersedge’ was our 100th heat pump installation.

Click here for the Holiday Let website for Watersedge

Comparison costs of different heating solutions for this project

Electric Boiler Oil Boiler ASHP
Heat Capacity kW 7.60 7.60 7.60
Annual heat energy requirement of property kW 21,906.40 21,906.40 21,906.40
Efficiency of heat system 100% 90% 350%
Price/kWh £0.125 £0.55 £0.125
Annual cost of fuel £2,738.30 £1,338.72 £782.37
Estimated cost of fuel over 10 years (including a 3.5% inflation increase) £32,124.07 £15,705.00 £9,178.31
Installation cost or Equipment replacement over 10 years (inc vat) £4,200.00 £7,200.00 £12,000.00
Total cost £36,324.07 £22,905.00 £21,178.31
RHI payments received over 7 years £0.00 £0.00 £7,499.96
Cost over 10 years £36,324.07 £22,905.00 £13,678.35
Increased costs of each system v’s ASHP £22,645.72 £9,226.65 £0.00

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