Case Study

Property renovation, GSHP with ground collector

Mr H purchased a large, detached house and was planning a complete house renovation and extension by building new garages, an annexe and outbuildings to enhance the overall property.
Mr H wanted to consider a renewable heating system for the property as the original property was heated by two oil fired boilers and oil radiators, the predicted running costs were very expensive. There was no mains gas available, therefore replacing an oil boiler heating system with a renewable heating system, was a natural choice and he felt he was future proofing the property.

Mr H had the available land to install a ground source heat pump and this was the most energy efficient and therefore his preferred solution.

The ground loops were installed under the existing paddock and a purpose-built plant room was built as one of the outbuildings within the new building construction plan and R A Brown Heating Services completed the design and calculations of the ground source heat pump with new radiator upgrades to the main house and underfloor heating to the annexe.

Mr H said “The design of the heating and hot water was very well done. We did identify that the water pressure was very low in our area, but R A Brown were very helpful and came up with a solution to fix this”

“Having a major renovation carried out during a Pandemic, was challenging to say the least. But R A Brown were flexible helping us to achieve our goals.” GSHP Plant Room

Mr H said “We selected R A Brown, chose R A Brown Heating Services as it was important for me to support a local company and for the company to be big enough company to support us with the initial work and the renovation project going forward”

“I wanted a company with a good track record, I didn’t want a company who had become so large that they had forgotten about their customers were treated as a number, it was very important to be able to have good service from the company.”

Mr H said that being able to come and visit a showroom with working models of the equipment and to talk through the pro’s and con’s of how this would work for was invaluable for him.
“R A Brown worked very well with our electrical contractors and ensured timeline targets were achieved. R A Brown engineers had a very high skill set and were very knowledgeable in carrying out their work. Luke was able to explain a technical subject in a simplistic way for us to understand. He was also our point of contact for the work throughout and was always very helpful. Alex the apprentice clearly has a great future and is following in R A Brown’s standards and values.”

Product installation details

This project was installed with 1 x NIBE F1345 24kW ground source heat pump, with 500L hot water cylinder and 500L buffer vessel. 3 x 400 metre ground collector loops fitted in the paddocks of the property. Grundfos MD450 home booster with 2 x 180 litre water tanks in the plant room.

The cylinder was located in the plant room and all the hot water in the property is on a secondary return loop, providing instant hot water to the hot water outlets.
New radiators were installed throughout the home apart from the guest annexe which was fitted with underfloor heating.

The customer was not living onsite during the renovation, therefore were not affected by the work being carried out. The pandemic disrupted the building work and therefore the final completion was put back around 2 months from the original expected completion date.

CO2 savings with this installation

The estimated annual CO2 emissions for an oil boiler system is 124,647 kg CO2/kWh with the estimated annual CO2 emissions for the GSHP at 26,201 kg CO2/kWh, therefore by installing the GSHP system there is a saving of 98,466 kg CO2/kWh.

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