Case Study

New Build, ASHP & MVHR, Norfolk

Our customer was building a new property and therefore wanted to consider renewable heating options. He was living off site and doing some of the construction work himself.

The property was an unusual construction, single storey, made with a timber frame, and lots of glass. The shape of the building was in an H with kitchen, dining room and lounge in one part, bedrooms and bathrooms in the other.

An Air Source Heat Pump was recommended as a suitable heat source to provide heating and hot water, along with Underfloor Heating. UFH compliments heat pumps due to their lower working temperature, using weather compensation. The maximum heating floor temperature of a heat pump is 55° and with the UFH designed to be able to heat the house with even lower temperatures, means the systems work together very efficiently.

A small cupboard in the centre of the property was utilised to house the UFH manifold for the bedroom section of the house. This allowed accurate balancing between the two halves, ensuring we could compensate the different heat load characteristics due to different amounts of glass, giving different heat losses.

Mechanical Ventilation with heat recovery was also recommended to reduce heat losses as ventilation/air changes are controlled and heat is not just expelled to outside. Due to the design of the property, 3 separate MVHR systems were installed to the 4 ensuites, cloakroom & kitchen. By recovering the heat usually expelled by the extractor fans it reduced the total heat load by 40% to just 5kw for the property.

MVHR System
MVHR System

He also was also interested in installing a rainwater harvesting system to the property. This would allow him to save money on his water bills by using the recycled water to supply the toilets. Mr R had already purchased the system so R A Brown assisted by fitting and commissioning the system.

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