Case Study

New Build home with ASHP & MVHR

Mr & Mrs B purchased some land to build their new 4 bedroom family home, they designed their new home with a beautiful vaulted ceiling in the centre of the house.  National ACR & Heat Pump Award Finalist 2024

The customer spent time researching local companies online and were keen to have one company complete all the work they needed, including first fix plumbing as well as underfloor heating, an air source heat pump and an MVHR system. They selected R A Brown due to their local reputation of being a specialist in the area, from their reviews and long standing experience as heat pump installers.

The house had a space heating requirement of 26,553 kWh per year and the hot water demand is 6,368 kWh per year, giving a total heat requirement of 32,921 kWh per year.

We recommended a NIBE F2040 16 kW air source heat pump, 300L cylinder & a 200L buffer vessel. In addition to this, we supplied and installed a new underfloor heating system throughout to ground and first floors and a Vent-Axia high flow MVHR system.

The heat pump was designed with a flow temperature of 45°C.

Oil v’s ASHP CO2 emissions

As the property was a new build home, the customer was required to install a renewable heating system into the new property. Had this legislation not been in place, in the past, the customer could have considered an oil fired heating system.

If the customer had been able to install an oil boiler heating system, the following environmental impact:

Heating the property with Oil there would be estimated CO2 emissions of 9,810.46 kgCO2/kWh per year. Over an anticipated 15-year life span of an oil boiler, it would have produced 147,156.90 kg CO2/kWh.

Heating the property with an ASHP there would be estimated C02 emissions of 1,266.16 kgCO2/kWh per year.  NIBE ASHP

CO2 savings to be made with our recommended solution:

The recommended solution of a NIBE 16 kW Air Source Heat Pump means the home produces 1,266.16 kgCO2/kWh a year, giving an annual saving of 8,544.30 kgCO2/kWh per annum.

Over the 15-year comparison period, this project will have saved 128,164.50 kg CO2/kWh emissions.

With the average mature tree absorbing 21kg CO2 a year the emissions the oil boiler would produce over 15 years would need 7,007 mature trees to absorb the CO2. In comparison the air source heat pump cascade system would need 904 mature trees to absorb the CO2.

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I wanted to let you know how pleased and impressed we have been with the work carried out by the engineers. They are always careful and respectful. Their work ethic cannot be faulted and they always work logically, with consideration to solve any problems that may have arisen

Mrs B, Homeowner

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