Case Study

New Build Bungalow, GSHP, UFH & MVHR, Norfolk

Mr F was building a new bungalow for himself and his wife. It was important to build a property which was suitable for their needs at this stage of their life and for the home to be simple and comfortable for them.

Mr F was interested in renewable technology for his home, he felt it was the “way forward to have cleaner energy” his daughter also had a Ground Source Heat Pump and therefore was aware of the technology and the advantages this would bring and he wished to take advantage of the Renewable Heat Incentive.

The property was installed with a Ground Source Heat Pump, with underfloor heating and an MVHR system.

R A Brown supplied the ground collector and Mr F’s builder installed the ground collector pipe at the time of laying the foundations. The ground collector was installed in the back garden and around the side of the house.

I am really pleased with the work R A Brown has completed for me and would be happy to recommend them.

Mr F, New Build Bungalow

The MVHR system was recommended due to it providing cleaner air, this was an advantage for Mrs F due to a health issue. As the property was being built it was very easy to fit the MVHR system, as there was plenty of space available, due to the new roof trusses put in place.

The MVHR system provides a continuous supply of fresh air in the home which provides good indoor air quality and ensures there is no build-up of air pollution and provides filtered air and allergy control.

Mr F has said “I have been surprised how warm the bungalow has been, we installed a wood burner, but we haven’t had to light it yet due to the fact that the bungalow has been lovely and warm, the system uses the NIBE weather compensation therefore we virtually forget about it and I have been amazed at how hot the water gets”

The weather compensation is a valuable way to improve the efficiency of the heating system and it works very well with ground source heat pump systems. Weather compensated systems use a small outdoor sensor to adjust the system controls. As the weather changes, the system adjusts accordingly, when the weather gets colder more heat is produced for the home and as the weather gets warmer it reduces the heat to your home.

Mr F said “I would recommend this system to those who are considering it, as it is very warm, clean and comfortable” “I am really pleased with the work R A Brown has completed for me and would be happy to recommend them”

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