Case Study

New Build, ASHP & UFH, Norfolk

Our customers were building a new property on a piece of land owned linked to family home. They were looking to build an energy efficient home with renewable technology.

They considered a Ground Source Heat Pump, however there was not enough land to pursue it and the cost of bore holes was prohibitive.

A NIBE 8kw ASHP was installed with underfloor heating to both ground and first floors. R A Brown were able to work with the customers carpenter as the position of the joists made it difficult to lay the UFH diffuser plates and as a result of the advice we were able to ensure batons were spaced correctly to ensure the underfloor heating was able to be laid correctly.

The weather compensation system works to read the external air temperature to keep the internal temperature at constant at all times. The advantage of the underfloor heating system is that they enabled our customer to save wall space and have flexibility of where they can place their furniture.


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