Case Study

Barsham Barns

Barsham Barns is a complex of Historic Farm Buildings, which were converted as Luxury Holiday Lets.  The Barns were renovated with R A Brown in 2004 completing installations of separate oil boiler for each of the 5 barns with unvented hot water cylinders and underfloor heating.

In January 2015 we visited Barsham Barns to conduct a comparison of heating systems with the view to switching to renewable.

Comparison Costs of installing and running 5 new Oil Boilers v’s Installing a GSHP to service the 5 barns

Expenses for an Oil Boiler system for the next 20 years

Fuel Expenses over 20 years:    £400,000

Equipment replacement for 5 oil boilers over the next 20 years (£3000/each)   £15,000

Total Installation & Running Costs:  £415,000

RHI income:  £0.00

Total Costs (minus RHI income):  £415,000

Expenses for a Ground Source Heat Pump system for the next 20 years 

Electricity Expenses over 20 years:   £177,220

Ground Source Heat Pump Installation investment: £200,000

Total Installation & Running Costs:  £377,220

RHI income (20 years): £345,150

Total Costs (minus RHI income): £32,070


Expense difference over 20 years is the Oil Boiler is £382,930 more expensive.



Fuel Cost Assumptions:  Oil £0.061/kWh Electricity £0.125/kWh

Temperature Star Rating: 2.5 Seasonal Performance Factor (SPF)

Heat meters: are required because the payback method is based on heat metering.

Tariffs: RHI tariff: 8.7p per kWh (tier 1 <1,314 running hours)
RHI tariff: 2.6p per kWh (tier 2 >1,314 running hours)

Design Criteria: We have estimated a heat load of 112 kw at -1.8°C, based on generic heat loses.

Maintenance: No Maintenance charges have been included.  Heat pump’s and boilers can expect to have similar charges for maintenance.

The figures above are only for guidance purposes and are based on the current prices of equipment and energy.

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