Case Study

Barn Conversion, GSHP & UFH, Norfolk

Mr & Mrs S purchased a derelict barn in January 2014, they were renovating the barn to be their family home. The work was project managed by Peter Southgate of U2 Homes.

The customer said “We were familiar with renewable technologies and wanted to have a heating and hot water system installed that would work well with underfloor heating, be low maintenance with low energy bills”  

There was plenty of land available to accommodate the ground collector required to install a ground source heat pump, the property plans were discussed and advice was given by R A Brown with a heat pump design created by our technical designer providing the appropriate solution for the property.

The heat pump installed was a NIBE F1145 15kW ground source heat pump along with underfloor heating throughout the property. The NIBE heat pumps includes weather compensation which is a discreet sensor ensuring the temperature inside remains constant at the chosen setting, the heat pump does all the work to adapt how much heat is required to maintain the constant temperature.

The system is able to be designed to support personal preferences and lifestyle and therefore, Mr & Mrs S decided to have separate room thermostats in bedrooms to the main living area to have different temperature control in these areas.

Mrs S said “We are very pleased with the system and would definitely recommend considering this type of system. The temperature indoors is always comfortable and we don’t have to adjust thermostats if the temperature gets warmer or colder outside, the system just looks after itself”

“Although the initial cost would be more than a conventional system, after RHI payments the difference in cost would be fairly low and we would benefit from cheaper running costs as well”

Mr & Mrs S said they were really pleased Holly Barn was recognised by winning the Broadland District Council Design and Enhancement Awards 2017. These awards recognise the achievements of those who have made the extra effort to maintain or enhance the area’s beauty and character when developing properties.

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