Case Study

Barn Conversion Complex, North Norfolk

R A Brown were asked to provide heating and hot water solutions for 3 properties, each barn was of a different size and style and were part of a complex of 5 barn conversions in North Norfolk.

Each barn and home owner had different needs and 3 different solutions were provided.

Barn 1

Barn 1 is a holiday home, the customer wanted to consider both ground source and air source heat pumps. There was little land that could be used for collector pipes with this barn, so boreholes would be required which then made the GSHP costs over the budget available.

An air source heat pump was the most suitable solution and we designed a system with a NIBE F2040 16kW ASHP, a NIBE UKV200 Buffer cylinder. Underfloor heating was also laid on the ground floor of the property and radiators were fitted to the 1st floor. Hot water to 3 bathrooms supplied by NIBE Titanium Megacoil 300 litre HW Cylinder.

Barn 2

Barn 2 is a family home and the customer was interested in a ground source heat pump due to the high efficiency, and for this reason did not wish to consider an air source heat pump. There was insufficient clear ground to install horizontal collectors and therefore we considered both boreholes and water bores. 

A geological survey identified problems with boreholes due to running sand conditions that would require the bore holes to be lined. A hydrologists report found that the water table was 25 metres down and the chalk level began at a depth of 55mm. It was decided to drill a water extraction bore hole 75 metres deep with a solid casing lining the second return bore hole was drilled to a depth of 55 metres, lined with a slotted casing. 5 degrees of heat was extracted from the water to be utilised by the heat pump. The barn’s heating system was designed with a NIBE 15kW water source ground source heat pump, a UKV 200 Buffer cylinder and a NIBE VPA 300/200 HW cylinder.

Underfloor heating fitted to both ground, 1st floor and annexe & MVHR System was also installed.
The system was a 5* system with and SCOP of 4.1.

Barn 3

This customer was interested in considering both a ground & air source heat pumps. There was plenty of usable ground and the owner is a ground worker therefore he chose to install horizontal collectors prior to the building works to allow for settlement over the winter – this collector was designed and specified by R A Brown – 600m was laid into the wet clay soil conditions. The property was fitted with a NIBE F1145 12kW GSHP, a UKV 200 Buffer cylinder and a NIBE VPB300 HW cylinder and underfloor heating was laid throughout. The system achieved a 5* rating with and SCOP of 4.1.

Post completion the customer had some very high electricity bills and was concerned about the running costs. We monitored the heat pump and added a meter to the supply, what we discovered was the heat pump was running efficiently and it the tumble dryer and other electrical appliances which were causing the high electricity use. The customer is now very happy and has since recommended us to install for some of his customers and also on another project he is working on.

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