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Mechanical ventilation heat recovery systems (MVHRs) are clever ventilation systems stored in the loft, kitchen cupboard or even the garage that help to considerably improve the overall energy efficiency and comfort levels of your home as well as the health of those who live inside it.

Essentially, MVHRs trade stale air for fresh but where normal extractor fans will lose heat fast, these systems are able to recover the heat from warmer rooms like bathrooms and kitchens and re-use the heat to warm cooler parts of the home. Helping to significantly cut down on your heating bills and help to improve the overall energy efficiency of your home.

Stale air basically passes out through the system’s heat exchanger to the outside, whilst retaining the heat. Fresh air comes into the system, which warms it with the retained heat, and passes back onto the house. MVHRs tend to have two speeds – with a booster when both kitchen and bathrooms are in use.

Another benefit of MVHR’s is that they are extremely effective in reducing both condensation and humidity in a room. Installing an MVHR system in your home will help to reduce relative humidity to below sixty per cent. Cooler and less damp environments make it a good deal more difficult for the growth of mould and dust mites which are known to exacerbate peoples’ asthma.

MVHRs can also be fitted with special filters, meaning they are able to keep out airborne allergens. This is fantastic for those who suffer from hay fever as it allows them to enjoy summer in their homes without suffering. On top of filtering out pollen, MVHRs are also able to keep out other dust and grime of outside pollutants, ensuring that the air breathed in your home is clean and fresh.

MVHRs are a neat solution to the problem of moisture and pollutants in the home and R A Brown have trained staff to give advice and install them. They also help the home’s heating efficiency, especially when combined with ground or air heat source pumps.  Talk to us today to see if your home needs some fresh thinking!

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