MVHR Installers in Norfolk

Fresh air is essential to a healthy house. Moist and polluted air needs to be let out, but extractor fans or opening doors and windows aren’t energy efficient and you can lose heat quickly. Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery Systems (MVHRs) are a solution to the problem of moisture and pollutants in the home – and R A Brown are specially trained to give advice and install them.

All About MVHRs

Put simply, an MVHR unit trades stale air for fresh. This is important in kitchens and bathrooms where there is inevitable moisture. An MVHR system will also recover and re-use the heat, retaining the home’s warmth and saving you energy.

The MVHR system can be installed in the loft, kitchen cupboard or even the garage. Stale air passes out through the system’s heat exchanger to the outside, with the heat retained. Fresh air comes into the system, which is warmed with the retained heat, and then passes fresh pre-warmed air into the house.

Most MVHR units are 90% efficient, so the incoming air is slightly cooler than room temperature, with this in mind, positioning of inlets is important and advanced room plans are needed to ensure draughts are not felt.

An advantage of an MVHR system over an Extractor fan, is that different rooms require different air changes due to the nature of their use and therefore you can set each area to ensure appropriate airflow to maintain the temperature you require.

With MVHR you can ventilate all year round, in the summer you can keep the air moving without the need for heat recovery and some manufacturers supply additional filters to remove pollen from incoming air which many customers find useful.

If you have a sealed home then MVHR is very important to give you a fresh feel, with no lingering odours. If you have a leaky, drafty house then MVHR is not for you because you are already well ventilated, but probably cool in the winter as well.

MVHR & ASHP Case Study