Information on SPF Re-calculation for our ‘Legacy Customers’.

Is your system more efficient than the Government’s default 2.5 SPF?

SPF is Seasonal Performance Factor, this figure shows how efficient your radiators or underfloor heating is, the calculations look at heat loss, room size and output of the heat emitters. The more accurately sized the heat emitters the higher the SPF – as the heating will be as energy efficient as possible.

Legacy applicants have the opportunity to have their SPF re-calculated by their installer – you will come up against a spreadsheet during the application process giving you this option. In general our heating systems should achieve SPFs of more than 2.5. The work involved to complete the retrospective calculations varies considerably depending when the installation was completed. More stringent rules on calculations and 100% sizing of the system has been brought in over the years. Obviously we need to charge for providing these recalculations – in some instances a visit to your property may be needed. We’re confident that it will be financially worthwhile for all ground source heat pump customers to have this re-assessment done. For air source customers if you contact Richard he will advise you on whether you are likely to receive a significantly enhanced RHI. In any case we will quote a price on an individual basis depending on the amount of work involved.

Legacy customers’ upgrades

The other thing to bear in mind if you had your system installed several years ago is that the regulations on the efficiencies of the system have increased considerably – particularly on retrofit projects it may be worth having your installation reviewed by R A Brown and any undersized radiators upgraded – this data could then be used in the re-calculations above to ensure you have and are paid for the most efficient system possible under the RHI. As usual we won’t be being pushy about these additional services but we are here to help you achieve the most accurate RHI payments rather than a ‘low default estimated payback’ offered by the 2.5 SPF. To put this figure in context we know that our own retrofit with some upgrading still needed , that has been monitored on a trial by EON is achieving significantly higher than 2.5 SPF.

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