Help improve climate change with a renewable heating system

Have you seen images of the damage to the planet due to the effect of climate change?

Have you wondered how you can make a difference? And will any changes you make, really make a difference?

Making the right choice when it’s time to upgrade your heating system can improve your heating efficiency and save you money on running costs and cut carbon emissions drastically to make a difference to the environment and the world for future generations.  Climate Change

The opportunity to change your heating system only comes round once every 15 years or so, so this is the time when you can make a different choice, which can benefit both your pocket and the planet.

Your choice of heating system will be impacted on where you live and whether you have access to the gas grid. There are many more options available now compared to 15 years ago, so you will need to consider those and take the appropriate professional advice as to which are suitable for your property.

Legislation changed in 2007 and all gas boilers now must be condensing boilers. Condensing boilers raised the efficiency of gas heating, they work by regenerating the flue gases, taking the moisture out and reusing the energy in the boiler. Gas is still a fossil fuel and gas boilers will be banned from being installed in new build properties from 2025, which is only 6 years away.

As a homeowner you are currently eligible to apply to receive the Renewable Heat Incentive, this is the government payback scheme which would make a payment back to the applicant over 7 years to help incentivise for switching to renewable heating.

The government has guaranteed to keep this incentive in place until March 2021. Therefore your opportunity to receive this payback is now limited.

If you are looking to change your heating system before March 2021 ACT NOW. There are no government incentives currently planned beyond this date.

See our table below which shows how the options for heating your home have changed in the last 15 years.  Heating options available in 2004 v 2019

Feel free to get in touch if you would like to discuss which options are suitable for your property. Give us a call on 01603 898904 or complete a contact us form and we will call you back.

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