Have you had a heat pump installed in the last 5 years?

R A Brown Heating Services are inviting customers who have had a heat pump installed in the last five years to participate in a research project being run by Anglia Ruskin University.  As a valued customer your insight would be welcomed.

The research will be carried out by PhD student, James Beardmore, in collaboration with R A Brown and comprises of three main elements:

  1. A pilot study concerning domestic user experience (which is where we need your views).
  2. The installation and long term monitoring of a heat pump at the University.
  3. The creation of a digital heat pump simulation model.

If you consent to take part in the research, we would invite you to complete the online questionnaire.  This has been created by PhD student, James Beardmore.

The research questionnaire will ask you about your experience before, during and after having a heat pump installed.  Anglia Ruskin University

The research will culminate in the completion of a research report which will be available to all participants.

Participants will be asked if they would be willing to allow operational data from their heat pump to be collected and included in the research analysis, this is optional.

Fill in the questionnaire HERE 


Participation is optional, if you agree to participate, you will also have the right to pause or withdraw from the study at any time without giving reason.

If you participate you will be asked to provide part of your postcode (the first half and the first number from the second half), so responses can be compared with local weather data without exact locations being identifiable.




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