Ground Source Heat Pumps – Suffolk

We could help reduce your energy bills by up to 75%**.

The ground maintains a constant temperature of between 8-12 degrees – all year round, even during the coldest of British winters. This reliability means that a Ground Source Heat Pump can heat your home and hot water by using the energy that is naturally stored in the ground or even a nearby water source. Pipes that are buried in the garden, these then cleverly extract the solar energy that is absorbed every day; converting this to a higher temperature for your central heating and your hot water.

What Our Customers Say...

I am not a person who normally writes to companies to say how satisfied I am with their work, but on this occasion, I would like to make an exception. The difference our Ground Source Heat Pump has made to the Community has been immeasurable and is clearly demonstrated in the feedback we receive

Mr Graham Gibbs,Emmanuel Church, Bungay.

Using less energy to create the heat for your home, a Ground Source Heat Pump delivers an average energy efficiency of 400% – conventional gas and oil systems average an efficiency of just 90%. Of course, lower energy consumption will result in lower utility bills and a reduction in your carbon footprint.

  • Receive a Government grant for switching
    • Once installed, you can claim from the Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive or RHI.
    • Receive up to £23,800 payback in the form of quarterly payments for 7 years.
  • Much lower energy bills
    • On average, costs can be reduced by up to 75%**
    • The pump produced 3-4 times the amount of energy used to power the pump – this is usually just ¼ of your previous energy use.
  • Increased energy efficiency.
    • By using less CO2 and increasing efficiency you will be helping to slow global warming.
    • You will also step-up your EPC rating; in turn could result in an increase in the value or saleability of your home.
    • If the energy you use to power the pump comes from a renewable source, heating your home will produce zero carbon emissions.
  • Low maintenance costs & a very long lifespan.
    • Ground loops have an exceptionally long lifespan and are built to last 50-100 years.
    • Indoor components usually last twice as long as oil boiler components – up to 20 years.
  • The system generates far less noise than a conventional gas boiler
  • Enjoy consistent heat, equally distributed throughout your home as the ground remains at a constant temperature, even in the depths of winter.
  • With a simple radiator upgrade, Ground Source Heat Pumps can be retro-fitted to your existing property, even if you have underfloor heating too.

Save up to £3,400 per year in fuel costs & reduce CO2 emissions by 11,700 kg per year.*

A Ground Source Heat Pump is an effective alternative in rural locations where there is no mains gas and can help you avoid spikes in traditional fuel prices; ‘future proofing’ your energy bills. Although dependant on the type of conventional system you changing from, a Ground Source Heat Pump system delivers significant annual savings. For example, a switch from electric heating will see the highest financial saving, closely followed by oil.

In addition, you will receive quarterly income from the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive payments; up to £3,400 per year*, totalling up to £23,800. Of course, you will also be saving on your monthly fuel costs too.

A Ground Source Heat Pump will reduce your fuel bill by 75% – generating 3 x the energy it uses.

How do Ground Source Heat Pumps work?

Hidden out of sight, a system of pipes is buried underground in your garden. This works very well in wet clay soils like those we find in Suffolk. This is as it requires less excavation to lay the ground loop – making excavation costs cheaper too. You will need more space for the system than an Air Source Heat Pump as the system fits underground. After completion, the pipework is not visible.

As the surface soil, approx. 1 metre underground, remains the same consistent temperature all year around as it is warmed by the sun every day. The pipes, filled with Glycol anti-freeze, are fed through a heat exchange unit. This exchange converts the extracted energy into gas. The gas is then compressed which increases the temperature further to a temperature that heats the hot water and distributes it into your home.

Watch our Ground Source Heat Pump Video for more information

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The soil in Suffolk is perfect for Ground Heat Source Pump installation – GSHP’s can be fitted to most properties, so long as there is enough land to lay the appropriate pipework underground. We specialise in the Retrofit renewable systems throughout Suffolk.

Our experienced specialists guide you through the entire process, step by step. Whether you live somewhere without mains gas, are looking for a most cost effective boiler upgrade, or would like a system that is more environmentally friendly, our team are always on hand with our after-care service.

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*Source: OFGEM. December 2019.
**Estimated savings based on average consumption. Calculate your homes cost saving using OFGEM’s online calculator.