What is the Renewable Heat Incentive?

A new scheme launched on 9th April 2014 – the idea is to encourage homeowners and private landlords to install a renewable energy heating system or solar hot water system. Payments will be made quarterly over 7 years. The idea of the incentive is to compensate the person for the additional outlay involved in fitting a renewable system.

The scheme is being administered by OFGEM on behalf of DECC –

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The best summary of the RHI that I’ve found is written by Cathy Debenham of Yougen:

Read Yougen’s RHI Summary

Information for legacy applicants for the RHI

Payments will be made as follows:

Applicants who have had MCS approved products installed by an MCS accredited installer since the 15th July 2009 can apply.

In months 1-3 legacy applicants that have not received an RHPP grant can apply, plus new applicants

In months 4-6 legacy applicants who applied for an RHPP voucher before 20 May 2013 can apply, plus new applicants

In months 7-12 all legacy applicants can apply, plus new applicants

Year 2 onwards – new applicants only

If there any tariff reductions in the first year legacy applicants will be protected and paid at the initial rates.