Gas Price Increases – Is it time to consider a heat pump to heat your home?

You won’t have escaped the headlines, wholesale gas prices have increased by 250% since the beginning of this year, whilst energy prices do fluctuate, this is bringing a new level of fluctuations in energy costs, which is going to affect homeowners.

Energy suppliers have said that they will be setting prices to the maximum limits set by OFGEM for the coming winter and some already have increased their prices, the government is making plans to put in place provision to help any consumers move providers if their energy provider is unable to supply them with energy.

These gas price increases will mean millions of homes will face having to pay some of the highest energy bills for the past decade.

What are the alternatives to gas central heating?

Is this a start of the changes within the energy industry and should you start looking at alternative heating systems?
The government has already announced from 2025 it will be banning installations of gas boilers in new build properties. As a result, heat pumps which are a more eco-friendly alternative are set to be the solution to help the UK hit climate change targets and getting to carbon net-zero by 2050.

If you are due to make a change to your heating system, it is worth considering a heat pump, as these are the benefits:

Reduce your heating bills – Heat pumps are highly efficient, an air source heat pump (ASHP) works at around 300% efficiency and a ground source heat pump (GSHP) works at around 400% efficiency, so you will use less energy to heat your home, reducing your heating bills.

Cut your carbon footprint – You will be reducing your carbon emissions and helping tackle the climate change crisis.

Easy to use – Heat pumps are able to work at keeping your home at the right temperature all the time, our systems are intelligent and work with weather compensation, adapting to outside temperatures, it will work efficiently and keep a constant temperature, all year round.

Easy to maintain – An air source heat pump will last for around 15 years and a ground source heat pumps around 30 years and just needs an annual service once a year.

Renewable Heat Incentive – The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) ends for new applications in March 2022, it is an incentive for homeowners to install renewable heating such as heat pumps. The RHI offers quarterly payments to homeowners for seven years based on their homes heat requirement via an assessed Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). The RHI is due to be replaced with Clean Home Grant Scheme from April 2022.

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