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What makes of gas boilers do you install?

We can install any make of gas boiler, however our preferred suppliers are Viessmann, Navien and Ideal boilers.  Please give our gas servicing and installation department a call on 01603 567594.



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Do you install hydrogen-ready boilers?

Yes we install gas boilers which are hydrogen-ready boilers.  Should you wish to install a boiler which is hydrogen-ready, then we can help you with this, get in touch with our team on 01603 567594.

What is a hydrogen-ready boiler?

A hydrogen-ready boiler can be installed which means should the government introduce hydrogen in replacement to methane (natural gas) it is a boiler which has the ability to burn both gases. This means that if and when the UK’s gas network is able and ready to switch from methane to hydrogen, you won’t need to replace your gas boiler. The viability of this approach is still under early development.

However this is an approach which can support overall decarbonisation in the UK.  If hydrogen can eventually be introduced into the gas network, it’s likely that it will be phased in, rather than switching from all natural gas to all hydrogen. With a phasing in, a mix of 20 percent hydrogen and 80 percent natural gas would be introduced, no alterations would need to be made to the majority of UK boilers, so the change could come in almost instantly should it be introduced.

What is a hydrogen boiler?

A hydrogen boiler is a boiler that burns hydrogen as opposed to natural gas. They are similar to natural gas boilers, by burning the gas via combustion, which in turn creates hot flue gases that can be used to heat water. This hot water can be used to heat your home.

Hydrogen is a thinner gas than natural gas (methane), the boiler may differ slightly, but they work in much the same way as a natural gas boiler.

The government is looking at alternative ways you can heat your home that are more environmentally friendly, hydrogen is one of these alternatives, as a replacement for natural gas.

Hydrogen is a low-carbon alternative that will have a positive impact on the CO2 emissions currently being produced in the UK. It’s a much clean gas that can be manufactured from water using electricity. If this electricity is generated from renewable sources, the hydrogen is 100 percent emissions-free.

Currently, there are no 100 per cent hydrogen boilers available, as this technology is yet to be developed, however some boiler manufacturers have created prototypes.

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