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How can I get a guide price for a heat pump for my property

We require some information to be able to custom design a renewable heating system for your property. The more information that you can provide us the more accurate we can be.

  • Your contact details
  • Your property address, including postcode
  • Do you own the property/rent it/is it a holiday let?
  • Plans of the property (one of the following

– Architect plans are ideal of course, including elevations and sections.

– Estate agent floor plans – We can work with these floor plans but please ensure that we have all the room sizes (ideally including ceiling heights)

– Basic drawing of the layout of your property accompanied with a list of the room sizes including ceiling heights.

  • Window sizes in each of the rooms – Approximate age and are they Double glazed, single glazed etc.?
  • Details of existing heating system. Is it oil or gas? Combi boiler or cylinder? Approximate age of the system.
  • Radiators or Underfloor heating? Which system do you have, or would you like to have installed?
  • The current number of radiators in each room, if installed.

Using the information that you provide we can produce a guide estimate for the work that you wish to be carried out. This estimate will also detail the expected running costs of the proposed system and the sum that you are likely to receive if you are eligible to claim the Renewable Heat Incentive.

Please email the plans and answers to the questions to admin@rabrown.co.uk

More Questions About Guide Estimate

If I am interested after the guide estimate, what is the next stage?

If the information in the guide estimate sounds appealing and you wish to proceed then we can arrange to carry out a site survey so that we can complete a detailed heat loss calculation and then custom design your heating system to perfectly suit your property.

Give us a call on 01603 898904 to arrange a site survey.

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