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How big is the air conditioning unit?

The air conditioning unit comprises of two units, an indoor unit which measures approximately 1 metre x 300 cm.

The outdoor unit measures approximately 800cm x 800cm.

The outdoor unit can be floor standing or if needed can be wall hung or located on a flat roof.

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How long does it take to install an air conditioning unit?

Usually, it would take a day to install one split system, which includes one outdoor unit and one indoor unit, including all the pipework, pressure testing and commissioning.

Is air conditioning energy efficient?

An air conditioning unit is similar to an air source heat pump with efficiency of around 300% meaning for each 1kw of energy in, it produces 3kw output, therefore it is energy efficient. Up to a Coefficient Performance (COP) of 3.7.  There is currently 0% VAT on these products.

How does an air conditioning system work?

Simply put, the thermostat on the indoor unit signals the need for cooling within the room or area. The refrigerant absorbs the heat from the inside the room or area, fans will then expel cool air back into the area. The heat within the refrigerant is released outdoors.

Can my whole house have air conditioning?

Yes this is possible, it will all depend on your home and layout and may require more than one outside unit. We would complete a survey to assess your property and make a recommendation to you.

What is a split air conditioning unit?

A split air conditioning system is when you have an external unit on the outside of the property and an internal unit indoors. The internal unit expels cool air into the room and external unit expels the heat outside the home, which was gathered from the inside of the home.

What type of gas is used in an air conditioning unit?

Domestic air conditioning units use R-32 refrigerant gas.

How noisy is an air conditioning unit?

An air conditioning unit can be as quiet as 26db on the lowest setting which is quieter than a whisper, or up to 56db which is similar to a dishwasher.

Examples of other noise levels:

10 dB – Normal breathing
20 dB – Leaves rustling
30 dB – Whispering
40 dB – Quiet library sounds
50 dB – Quiet conversation
50 dB – Refrigerator
60 dB – Electric toothbrush
60 dB – Normal Conversation
70 dB – Washing machine/Traffic/Vacuums
80 dB – Alarm clock
90 dB – Lawn mower/Power tools/Hairdryer
100 dB – Factory machinery
110 dB – Car horn/Concerts
120 dB – Jet Planes (during take off)
130 dB – Ambulance siren
150 dB – Fireworks

How much does it cost to install air conditioning?

R A Brown will carry out a site survey to assess your home and requirements and make a recommendation with a price to you.

However we can install a A++ Energy rated single split air conditioning system can be installed from £1750.  There is no VAT payable on this installation as it is classed as a renewable product.

If you would like a personalised price, contact Dax on 01603 898904 (option 2) for a free quote.

What are the health benefits of air conditioning?

Air conditioning units contain filters that remove particles and allergens, such as pollen and dust, helping to purify the indoor air that you breathe. They can also provide some benefits a dehumidifier would, as they draw moisture from the air, reducing the humidity.

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