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Does my heat pump need servicing every year?

It is recommended that heat pump systems are serviced every year to ensure they are running as efficiently as possible and to maintain your manufacturer warranty. If you are in receipt of government incentive payments, there is a requirement to ensure the system is suitably maintained in good working order.

To book a service call 01603 567595.


More Questions About Heat Pump Servicing

Do you offer Annual Servicing Plans?

We do not currently offer a servicing plan with monthly premiums. We have considered offering this service but have decided against it at the current time for the following reasons.

We need to link up with a finance company as these types of plans are an insurance policy.

We install premium quality heat pumps, and it is more cost effective for customers to pay for an annual service each year, rather than a monthly payment plan.

If you would like to book an annual service you can call our service team on 01603 567595.

Will you remind me when my heat pump needs servicing?

We do contact all our customers each year to book them in for servicing, if you wish to contact the servicing team you can call us on 01603 567595.

Can you service “split system” air source heat pumps?

We are not able to service heat pumps with external refrigerant circuits as our Engineers do not hold the relevant qualifications to maintain this aspect of the system. You will be asked to provide full details of the make and model of your air source heat pump and if it is a make such as Daikin, we will try to refer you to another relevant company.

What areas do you cover for Heat Pump Servicing?

We carry out servicing work for customers in Norfolk and North Suffolk. Prices vary according to geographical area, please ask for the price at the time of booking.  Contact our service team on 01603 567595.

Will you carry out a fault-finding service for my ground source heat pump?

Our staff are very experienced with heat pump systems and will attend and identify potential problems – initially there will be a call our charge and then additional work and/or parts can be estimated for.

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