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Do I have to change my hot water cylinder?

The primary coil in the hot water cylinder must have a surface area of at least 3 sqm to work at the lower flow temperatures produced by the heat pump. As most standard hot water cylinders fitted for oil or gas boilers only have a primary coil with a surface area of approximately 0.25 sqm we do need to replace the cylinder.

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What does the buffer vessel do?

We incorporate a buffer vessel into the design of our heat pump systems. The buffer vessel serves a few functions to make your system run more efficiently and to provide longevity for the heat pump.

The buffer vessel holds a store of heating fluid for your heating system. It enables the heating to stay on while the air source heat pump heats the domestic hot water.

It also enables the heating to stay on whole the outdoor unit carries out a defrost cycle during cold weather.

A correctly sized buffer vessel is critical in the performance and longevity of your system.

Will a heat pump provide enough hot water for my property?

Both the Air Source and Ground Source heat pumps that we install will be more than capable of providing enough hot water for your home.

The heat pump will heat the hot water in the cylinder to approximately 50 degrees Celsius. We ensure that the hot water cylinder is sized correctly for the building and the hot water demand required.

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