Energy related Product labelling

On 26th September 2015 a new Energy related Product (ErP) directive from the EU comes into force.

The ErP directive is designed to help the EU achieve its target to reduce energy use by 20% by 2020.

ErP affects all heating and hot water products with an output equal to or less than 400kW.  You will be familiar with energy labelling as you will have seen them on refrigerators and washing machines in recent years.

The aim is for customers to be able to compare the energy efficiency of different products at a glance.  The labels use a banding system, where G indicates the least efficient performance and A+++ the most efficient.

This is another step forward in giving customers more awareness when making energy efficient choices.

Heat Pumps can display a number of different labels.  They all have a product label which provides information about the energy efficiency class, power requirements and noise level.  The label also has a map that divides Europe into three different climate zones.  A suitable power requirement is specified for each climate.  The energy efficiency class displayed on the label is only based on average climate conditions.

Heat pumps will end up at the top of the energy labeling scale, and would normally belong to energy efficiency class A.

R A Brown have worked with our suppliers to ensure we will be ready for the ErP directive on 26th September 2015.

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