If you want to take advantage of the Renewable Heating Incentive – the clock is ticking!

At R A Brown, we feel passionate about reducing carbon emissions and replacing burning fossil fuels with renewable energy to help combat the devastating effects of climate change on our planet.
Making a choice to switch to renewable heating when replacing your heating system, is a choice which only comes round every 15 years. So it is worth taking the time to consider other options which would be suitable for your home when you replace your heating system.

David Attenborough says, “we are at a unique point in our earth’s history and need to share responsibility, if we take drastic action, we still have 10 years to reverse this manmade disaster”
If you are thinking of installing a Renewable Heating System, now is the time to act, the government payback scheme is due to finish in March 2021, so to take advantage of the RHI you need to have your application approved before it closes in 18 months time.

The government payback scheme is still available for qualifying installations until March 2021. If you are considering upgrading your heating system to a renewable system and want to take advantage, then get in touch on 01603 898904 or fill out our contact form, we would be happy to help you make a difference.

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