Alternatives to oil heating

There are over 4 million properties in the UK and over 20% of properties in East Anglia who do not have access to mains gas, these homeowners have to consider other forms of heating. Many homeowners have chosen oil as alternative heating.

Whilst oil prices do fluctuate and in the last couple of years the price per barrel has been as low as $45 a barrel from its June 2014 high of $115 a barrel, homeowners who heat with oil are still likely to be affected by price fluctuations and therefore need to keep this in mind if choosing this type of fuel for heating.

Since OPEC’s recent announcement at the end of November, about a historic agreement by OPEC members and Russia to cut output in 2017, there has been more than a 10 percent rise in prices, in a bid to end a fuel supply overhang.

There are many reasons to consider alternatives to an oil boiler and a more cost effective and carbon friendly solution would be to consider renewable heating. Using energy from the sun to warm your home rather than rely on fossil fuels like oil and gas.

R A Brown are experts in designing and installing air and ground source heat pumps, with the customer experiencing benefits:

• Less exposure to fuel cost fluctuations.
• Lower home carbon emissions.
• No fuel deliveries needed.
• Can heat your home as well as your water.
• Minimal maintenance required.
• Eligible for the UK government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) payback scheme.
• Reducing global warming.
• Making a difference to the planet, renewable energy is an infinite resource.

Read more about customers who have made the switch from oil heating to renewable heating in our projects page.

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Reference: Reuters

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